Wednesday, November 30

Time out

Hello dolls! You might have noticed i haven't been posting for a while and I must tell you smth. I shall abstain from posting for a while because of certain personal reasons.However, I hope I have all your support as I will try and get on the posting track a.s.a.p. Love you all my dear readers ! And of course there is no post with some eye candy images)

credit for the pict to tumbl

Thursday, November 24

Thursday eye candy

Holla everyone! Today I watched a video reportage on what guys like girls to wear and what they think it’s unacceptable. You can see it here, but unfortunately only if you speak Romanian. Anyways, my point is, that according to these two gentlemen most men like girls with minimum makeup, which dress quite simply. What do I do if I like dressing up? One day I pretend to be Audrey Hepburn, the other day Kate Moss and so on. Playing dress up and changing looks is so fun! Yes I do love and appreciate the understated white t-shirt with jeans, but its too boring at times for a girl like me.Yes a nice remark from a guy friend does lift my spirits up but why would we always care about what men think? I’m not the most ardent feminist, but I do think that women should power dress, they should dress as they like in order to feel confident and beautiful-whether its in a Valentino gown or in a masculine YSL suit. Confidence can be the key term for every little success in a woman’s life, and if a sky-high pair of Loubs makes you feel like you rock the party then don’t hesitate to wear them! If your favourite smoky eyes gives you hell of an attitude then screw the no-make up look! Lucky me, my boyfriend loves anything I wear or buy(even though he might consider that its ridiculous how I go out of the house in heels but carry my flats in the bag in case my feet will hurt lol). But my advice to you girls would be to wear chic, in style outfits that make you feel good and attractive. Don’t misunderstand me though; you need to obey the rules of the fashion bible!! Which means NO to fishnets and extra minie-s or anything vulgar and kitschy. Sexy and foxy yes-stutty and whore-y no por favor!

Oh and the pictures up there are just a random selection of today's eye candy. Adios and besos!!

photos from tumblr and thenighcat

Wednesday, November 23

Nostalgia shop

When I watched Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ last month, I couldn’t realize why Owen Wilson’s character was so familiar. Then I figured that I find myself in him! I’m a very nostalgic person tightly bound with the past. Old movies, legendary past decades, history and even the less intricate things strongly attract me; like past memories from my life, and even more-people. I simply cannot let go of certain individuals to whom I’m bound by endless memories. Its like Carrie and Mr Big or Cuck and Blair, only less cinematographic and more realistic. I continue to hold on, replaying songs and events that connect me to that people. Sometimes I wish they disappeared for good or stayed forever, because this coming and going, being friends then enemies and friends again is really tearing me apart. I kind of move on, meeting new people and creating new relationships but that presence still persists. Even if it may disappear for some time, it comes back again. Anyways, enough blabbering and blabajeaba. Here is the third look.

PS. Here is a breathtaking song to go with the post! 

Tuesday, November 22


Sorry for the very words-less posts for the past few days, I have a hectic time at uni and the only thing that makes me keep up is the thought that in less than 19 days I shall be home with my family!! Now I’m off to study for my Law Monster test tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

P.S here is the second look

Monday, November 21


I have been kindly asked by the ALLFUN website to take pictures of a few looks so they would feature me with a short interview. Here is the first look loves! What do you think?

Sunday, November 20

Featured on MDS

My look featured on MDS,a blog that i love and follow for many years now.Thank you very much!

Saturday, November 19

To Market, To Market!

I have almost completely recovered from my cold! Such an amazing feeling to be healthy! Today I went to Portobello Market in Notting Hill as I have to write feature on it, which is brilliant as I had a reasonable excuse to stroll around vintage shops looking for jewellery for a few hours without feeling obsessed or guilty-it’s an assignment, isn’t it?) Here are some pictures of the market and of what I got ( I wish I could have bought much more but my boyfriend kept stopping me-he doesn’t really dig the whole vintage thingy). I think this post contains far too many pictures but I hope you'll enjoy it!