Monday, December 19

In the night

Rushing to a dinner right now but i am home now,in Moldova and very happy as you might notice from the pictures) From now on you will be seeing quality fashion posts with updates of my looks as often as possible.I hope you enjoy this one,as it is one of my favourite outfits for this winter-very colourful and the blouse is very Givenchy,don't you think? Also I introduce you my new LV booties which i adore at the moment.It was love at first sight since the very first instance i saw them on the runway. Ok now gotta go because I am running already unfashionably late xexe)
Toodles !

Monday, December 12

I'm back!

Ok so I know I haven't been posting for like weeks! Simply because I was really into all uni final work and it just exhausted me too much, so the rest of the time I just slept as much as i got or had walks in Hyde Park for some fresh air. OH and sometimes hanging out for cocktails/coffees with my friends. Now, I am back and I promise awesome outfits and a lot of fun as on Wednesday I am flying HOME! No decent outfit post for now, just a collection of new in's. Watched New Year’s Eve movie today and cried lol.I’m very sensitive you see))) I think everyone should go see it! Xx

Tuesday, December 6


My dears I want to apologize for being such a bad blogger and being absent for so long. I didn’t really have time to take pictures nor my spirits were right for blogging. But today, thanks to my lovely friend Michelle I have an outfit post for you. This is what I mostly wear to uni, as when I wake up in the morning and think that I have to take the overcrowded tube heels are my less preferred choice (even if I love them so much!). I do know that UGGS are a fashion crime but when they are so comfy and sequiny as this pair of mine, they do make up a lovely casual outfit. What do you think?

Friday, December 2

Friday Random

There are these times when you are in a wierd state of spirit and mind.That's what it is for me now.Just a picture from a range that my boyfriend took of me.Have a nice Friday my friends and make sure you parteeey your asses of xixixi)