Tuesday, March 27

To Andrey Sergheyevichy)

Alloha bebesitos and mamasitas))The title of today's post has nothing to do with it's content besides the fact that i've promissed my dear friend to dedicate a post to him...so here we go.
I introduce you to my lovely babies Loub sneakers.You might have noticed i am more of a heels girl,but I could not resist to these sexy studed beauties.Here I am jumping up and down in a Marni for H&M blazer and Cos orange pants for your entertainment)) I can't help but mention that there are only 200 pairs of these sneakers in the world and one is mine sooo in love with them....I pulled them off with dresses and suits!!

Sunday, March 25

The rooftop garden

Hello my beautiful friends! Recently I have received some feedback about my blog from some of the readers, the most exciting one being from a guy. I understood that I should post more text, as it is apparently very interesting and informative. That’s why from now on, depending on the time I have on my hands I shall try to write more, not only concern myself with pictures. Let me know if you guys agree with that.
The past few days I have been hanging out with my friends and quite ignoring an essay I have to submit on Tuesday… BUT… as I am very responsible I am finishing it today, woop woop for that! )) However, as usual, I always find time for reading...besides magazines and loads of newspapers I obviously read books. Currently obsessed with a Russian poet Bulat Okudzhava, I carry the little orange book everywhere with me. As I am used to reading several books at a time, as long as they are of a different genre, I am also reading Dale Caraige's "How to win friends and influence people”, a New York Times bestseller for ten years now, which I recommend to everyone! If you would be more interested in what else I read, just let me know in the comments and I shall make a special post on that.

For now here are some outfit pictures taken in the rooftop garden of my house, which is a really relaxing place to be.

A soundtrack for this post:

Marni for H&M brocarde suit
Christian Louboutin flats
Kate Moss for Rimmel London lipstick

Friday, March 16

Pyjama Party

One of my favorite trends this spring/summer is the pyjama on the streets as seen at Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and of course perfectly styled at Salvatore Ferragamo with strappy sandals and a glam sequined blazer over. Very chic! I dared to pull off this style in a more Tony Montana way, teaming my Marni x HM silk pyjama set with a white blazer and Miu Miu Mary Jane's with studs.

Zara blazer
Miu Miu shoes
Marni for H&M pyjama suit
Ray Ban's

Wednesday, March 14

Short post

Hello my sweeties! Today I decided to show you what I wore to uni. Nothing very pretentious, simple yet stylish. The weather in London is just amazing and i can't help but enjoy every minute of it. Now I'm off to the roof garden where I spend a lot of my out of uni studying, reading or eating. It’s just so beautiful up there!!

Saturday, March 10



Since the very first moment I saw the ombré lip look at Prabal Gurung I knew I had to try it. You might have noticed I don’t use much make up, sometimes none at all. But since I went for a darker hair colour, I started to play with lipstick in different shades. You might not notice the ombré very much because of the procession of photos in toycamera, but it looks really amazing, very sensual yet not too provocative. And about toycamera...every time I take outfit pictures I try not to give them special effects, but this polaroid feel they get is just so chic and movie-like don’t you think? Or would you prefer me to publish the unchanged shots?

Iceberg bomber jacket
Givenchy sweater
Zara skirt
Louboutin boots

Tuesday, March 6

Skirting the issue

This skirt was my mother's and has more than ten years or so, but its condition is still amazing and I just love to wear it. Since it has a very retro flare, I decided to edit my pictures appropriately to the outfit spirit, very Lauren Becall, don't you think? The most amazing thing about this piece of clothing is that it has a soul and personality vibrating and whenever I put it on I do feel different.

Monday, March 5

Singing in the rain

Well not exactly…I just like the musical and it was raining in London yesterday. And in the pictures where it looks like I'm pretending to be Marry Poppins with a flying umbrella it's actually the strong wind giving me a hard time. As for my look… Very minimal,black with a hint of neurosis in the form of the printed blouse. Haven’t worn these Gucci pants in a while, so voila le outfit! Oh and the beanie is just there, I figured it gives an unexpected twist to a formal suit.

Sunday, March 4

Moscow never sleeps

Well I’m not in Moscow, still in London but this amazing t-shirt from Topman with Moscow written all over it in combination with my forever partying and fun friends totally make it up for it) I spent Friday with my lovely BFF Alina in the SPA for a couple of good relaxing hours then we went to her place and got ourselves ready to go for drinks. I paired the t-shirt with leather pants, the oversized LV jacket (my boyfriend's) and the amazing Piagilles in beige which I absolutely looove,don't you?)The photos might be blurred at times but hey that's the charm of it!

Saturday, March 3

Preview of tomorrow's post

Hello everyone! I have been absent and not posting for a very long time,you can charge me guilty for that.But i just had too many things going on and still was not sure wheather i should continue blogging.And i knew i couldn't make a comeback with a bad post.So here is only a shot from a few that i will publish tomorrow.Hope you are intrigued enaugth) xx