Monday, July 25

Weekend by the sea

I spent my weekend in Odessa hanging on the beach,strolling around shops and the coolest cafe-s and restaurants.Basically having a pretty fun time.Here are some pictures.

Thursday, July 21

Little bad girl

Finally rain in this country! I thought i'd suffocate because of the heat! I got to wear my lovely Trussardi jeans pulling up a very casual yet chic outfit. Also i think it's the first time i'm wearing my Chanel's in an actual outfit post.Don't you just love these shoes? And the biggest plus is that they are so comfy i could run the marathon in them ( not that i have ever run the marathon but nevermind :D )

Also here is tiny tiny video shot by chance by my mom) She thought she was taking a piture)

Wednesday, July 20

Last summer

Because its so hot these days the only thing i wear is my bathing suit and just really basic things which don't show much fashion interest lol) However,looking through my photo archive i found some pictures of my last summer's look.Photos were edited by my friend Simona.

Tuesday, July 19

Book Worm

I really love reading especially when its to hot to get out of the house and just right to stay and read by the pool or in the shade.Today i went to the library and got some new books and also talked to my lovely friend Ana. The outfit i chose is really casual and comfy and i like very much. What books do you read now?)

Sunday, July 17

ProFashion-look 1

A few weeks ago i did a shoot for which i chose three looks to be featured on the AllFun website in the Pro fashion section.Here is the first one.

This look is my favourite and i wore the mazing maxi skirt with the a striped Zara blouse.I decided that my Gucci sandals would match the green of the stripes and the golden Robert Rodriguez necklace.What do you think?

If you know Russian you can also read the article here. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 16

Maxi Flowers and Python wedges

As i promissed my post are going to be as regulate as possible.One of my favourite trends this summer is the maxi-dress or skirt.I also found this very cute jacket in my closet which i didn't wear for like 3 seasons and really love now with almost everything.Some comfy phyton wedges were a ust for the look and definetly the Gucci clutc with little snakes on it. People did stare at me on the street,although i'm not very sure why) What do you think

Thursday, July 14

Summer sequins

Ok so yesterday was a pretty entertaining day,very adventurous-retained by police me and my mom lol. Anyways, what d you think about wearing sequins on a hot summer day paired with the lovely Prada open-toes? I just love!

Wednesday, July 13

By the pool

Hello loves! I know i am a very bad blogger for not posting anything such a long time.Im really sorry i had a loot of personal issues and problems. Ive had some free time as well which i mainly spend by the pool. How do you spend your summer? xoxo

Also here is how my baby puppy changed from the last time i showed you a picture of her)