Wednesday, September 28


Inez and Vinoodh are an amazeballs fashion duo who recently did a series of three videos featuring Abbey Lee and her band Our Mountain for Balmain.Very punk and rebel and i quite like! Here is one of them:

Sunday, September 25

War Photography

Today i have been doing some research on the war photographer Sean Smith,whose exhibition we will be visiting tomorrow as a uni assignment.This made me think a lot,as people like him capture unbeliveable moments,a lot of hatred or pain in people's eyes,a lot of suffering.I am really excited to ask him what does he feel in the moment he shoots such breathtaking pictures,or did he ever miss the chance to save someone's life just for the sake of a good photo? What would you ask him if you had such a possibility? You can google him and check out his work.I was really impressed! Took a short walk for brunch with my boyfriend,and here are some snaps.

Saturday, September 24


One of my favourite art movements is the impressionism.So every time i have the opportunity to see the paintings of any of it's representatives i try to never miss the chance.This is why i headed straight to the Royal Academy of Arts today (after i finished ordering my clothes hehe) to see the exhibition Degas and Ballet : Picturing Movement. It was totally breathtaking for me as i am a very big amateur of ballet as well. here are some quite unclear pictures of what i wore.Hope you figure out at least something out of them.)) ( sorry really sorry for the bad quality)

Friday, September 23

Silver and stripes

Uni will start soon so i have a lot of stuff to do.Almost all the time i wear flat shoes but i had to take pictures of this outfit paired with the amazing new booties.Also a new addition to my accessories is this cute Hermes bangle which i really love and plan to wear a lot. Having my eyelashes done tomorrow at Selfridge's! So excited to see how they will look!

Tuesday, September 20

From Paris with Love

Arrived to London a few hours ago,had a warm shower and here i am in front of the computer ready to share with you some of the pics take in Paris. Since i was little i have been fascinated with Ancient Egypt.Finally had the chance to see the collection in Louvre,as last time i was in Paris the museum was closed. Victoire De Samothrace is also a piece i was eager to see! We fed the ducks in Jardin de Tuileries which were so very hungry and admired Monet's masterpieces in the Musee de L'orangerie.Musee d'Orsay impressed me quite a lot as it used to be a train station. Edgar Degas's sculpture of "The little fourteen year -old dancer" impressed me by its tention and at the same time grace. But one of the most exciting things that happened during the trip was to see Albert Elbaz on Rue Foubourg looking at Lanvin shop's window.Didn't have the camera with me to take a picture,so sad about it!

Monday, September 19

Red Alert!

Photos from Paris coming soon!For now here is my new can't-live-without love! 

Saturday, September 17

Quick Look

Landed in London yesterday.I will not have a proper camera for some time that's why i appologize.However,i will keep posting pictures taken with the Iphone which are not in the worst quality( i thought they would be worse))Tomorrow i am leaving for the city of lights-Paris! Don't we just all love Paris with it's Tour Eiffel and Champs Elysees? I will try to keep you loves updaded with the stuff i see or do there.

PS. Never been much into sneakers but when i saw these i knew they should be mine! With a fabulous mix of croc leather,snakeskin and traditional Louis Vuitton monogram printed calf skin they are just so me!

Thursday, September 15

Gucci Mane

Tonight i have been at a fashion show of the Russian designer Valentin Iudashkin,which was just brilliant! Photos coming soon i promiss.For now here is what i wore yesterday)Still very veery hot :D Ok now i'm off packing! London tmorroz yay!

Monday, September 12

Snake print and glitter loafers

It's still very hot in Moldova and it is quite difficult to make up an autumn outfit.However,I found a way to wear one of my favourite trends for the season-the python print.Adding the loafers gave the look a masculine touch which i just love.Also,thanks to my friend the pictures are in an amazing quality.I wish i had such a camera!(hopefully i will soon) P.S. the nude shoes from the previous outfit post are MiuMiu,as well as these glitter babes.

Friday, September 9

Body Care

I have been a very big fan of The Body Shop body products for a long while.I enjoy all sort of creams and oils that make my skin look and smell good.While being in San Marino i have discovered the best 100% natural products for the body,including hair care and all the jazz.The Gel for te feet helps me so much as I walk on heels a lot and it helps the circulation. Another marvel is the oil scrub. To be short,just check the products on their website and dare to try them) They deliver worldwide and plus the prices are not high at all! One thing i can say : my skin became softer and more perfectly looking and the smell is just so yummy!

Thursday, September 8


YSL's Tribotoos are one of the most comfy shoes i have ever had! Seriously! That is why i decided to get a new pair besides the black ones i have. And voila! Ils sont parfait,n'est pas?)

Wednesday, September 7

Back from holiday

I am now back home with new stuff in my wardrobe,a radiant skin tone and a lot of energy and positive emotions.Even though it has started to rain in almost all parts of Europe,here its still warm and sunny.
Oh! And i just have to share with you the new hair products i'm using,which are just brilliant! I had a very bad hair period as i constantly used the straightner and it still wouldn't tame down! Now i got this mask from Eugene Perma together with the Thermo-lissant (which contains rose extracts) and my hair is straight and healthy just after being blow-dried!! You can try them if you have a rebel,unhealthy looking hair. It does work miracles!