Sunday, April 24

Bang Bang

Hello my darling! I didn't write aything in such a long time on my blog,which i'm very sorry about.However,i'm going through the worst period ever-exams!! Right now its 3.16 a.m and i am writing my article for the magazine,as i'm a little bit late and not meeting the deadline(( Anyways,i hope you are all having great Easter Holidays and enjoy the selections of pictures that inspire me right now. Toodles!

Tuesday, April 12

I'm not a skinny bitch,so what?)))

Well today i took some pictures of what i wore.As you might have notices,i just love black and i consider this colour as the maximum of fashion and style.I wore a plain black dress and blazer,however with amazing shoes and my adorable tights.Do you like?
Also,i would like to talk to you about an issue i have been noticing for a while.Almost all bloggers or popular people on lookbook are very extremly skinny.I wonder why? I much prefer Kim Kardashian's curves to Kate Moss's bony structure.I don't encourage you to gain weight or be very curvy,just make sure you feel righ in your body and that you're healthy and don't look like a person who just escaped from some prison where you have been starved.I do myself take care of what i eat mainly because of health reasons.An advice i could give you girls is buy yourselves a steamer and cook everything in it.If you are interested i could give you more precise recipies.But this miracle worker made me loose 11 kg in like 3 weeks in a very reasonable way.However,i did not touch chocolate or any sweets or pasta even once!
Tell me what you think regarding this matter. xoxo

Yes,and one more thing,i would like to know if you would prefer me to write in any other languages like Russin,Romanian,Spanish or French.Let me know!

Sunday, April 10


I have been very busy latley so i didn't really have time to take shots of my outfits.Here is a detail of what i wore a few days ago.I promiss to have a decent post soon )

Sunday, April 3

Deep Sea

So today i had an amazing day together with my parents in Odessa.Unfortunatley it was very cold and not sunny at all,but still i managed to take amazing pictures which i like very much.I almost ruined my shoes,got very wet by the splashes of the waves and after 2 hours of shooting i became a little piece of ice)) However,after this we went to my favourite place to eat - Stakehouse Meat and Wine-they really have just hevenly good food!!! Well now im at home and very content.Really want to see your opinions and reactions.
Have a nice Sunday loves!!
Music to listen now : Caribou-Odessa