Thursday, March 31

Golden Babe)

I'm so pleased that finally we get hot weather in Moldova after a few awful days of rain and cold.Well,today i got some time to have a walk and take pictures of my outfit,my mom being as usual the photographer)Basically since i have come home i have had the most depressing schedule ever! Every morning i wake up at 8,go to my Accounting meditations then straight away to Probability meditation and then at home i read as much as i can from my Business Environment book.Sad? I know!Recently i have had a comment about the fact that i try to pose like models,the truth is i don't,because i am not skinny and i know i don't look good in the same angles as they do.So the poses you see are just naturals that come into my or my mom's mind while taking pictures)
Tell me what you like about the looks please i really care about your advice.

Friday, March 25

Home Sweet Home

So I am finally home and very happy about it! Even though i thought i wouldn't make it with the tiny plane i flew from Vienna to Kisinau-the truth is the flight was very cool besides the noise from the propeller.And also the stewardess was amazing!Such a nice and fearless girl,very big thanks to her! i went for a walk with my sweet cousin as I missed her a lot!I also chose her outfit and did her hair) And about my outfit...I get to show u my loves-the gorgeous Dior boots! U like?

Oh! and also u get to meet the loveley Chihuahua of the family-Elya!

Wednesday, March 23

Strike a Stripe

Hello darlings) I am so very happy because tomorrow i am flying home!! And i have really been missing it a lot!! Don't take me wrong,London is cool but home is still home).So this is my outfit today-i went for a walk in Knightsbridge as it's such a sunny day.Enjoy!

Sunday, March 20

Bonjour mon amour!

Hello my friends!!) i decided to try on a more unusual look for my style..its very french in my opinion.And as i had to walk a lot today i couldn't do without my favourie Louboutin flats,to which i had to redo the sole and unfortunatley its not red anymore((( well..c'est la vie! Have a nice Sunday evening!

Friday, March 18

Fashion Bible

 I have always admired the work of Franca Sozzani for Italian Vogue,and even if i buy a issue now and then when i find them in London,i have never deeply studied her work on the magazine and never realized what deep issues she developes and isn't afraid to reach in her editorials. I will upload shots from my favourite ones below. Are you also fascinated? You like or dislike?




 The spread above is entiteled "Make love not war" which has a very political subtext and a strong message.It is shot by Steven Meisel.Brilliant!!

This one is a glamourization of the tragedy which happened in the Gulf of Mexico-the oil spill.Very mouving and touching photos.Personally they even made me cry.

Modes go to rehab was shot in 2007,when it seemed a fashion between celebs to go to rehab,as it fi it was a visit to the spa.

"Makeover madness" shocks by the crazy tendence of people to constantly torture their bodies,the starvation for makeovers is sickening even.
In m opinion,Vogue Italia is the most daring of the Vogues,who really have a message besides promoting beauty and perfection.And all this thanks to Franca Sozzani!Bravissimo!!

Tuesday, March 15

Work this,Baby!

This Sunday i went on a walk through London and my mom took some outfit pictures of my outfit.I am already very eager for summer to come so i wear more and more colour.U like?