Sunday, February 24

Beauty Post

1.The Body shop cleanser leaves my skin silky and soft-my favourite!
2.A mask I use from time to time to give my skin some radiance.

This mask is just unbeliveable! I swear on it and can't actually live without it.I hydrates so well! I use it only once a week though,not twice as indicated in the instructions because I feel that's best for me.It is quite pricy,but totally worth every penny!

This is also on my can't-leave-without list.Before,I used tolove Creme de la Mer,but with time my skin stopped reacting to it,so I switched to this wonder here.Just perfect!

1.This is a tonner I spritz on a clean face then whipe away the excess with a cotton pad.
2.This thing is just crazy good! I apply it for a week at night before my moisturizer on a clean skin.In the morning I wake up with a babyface,so soft and perfect!Then I make a two week break.
3.I add a tablespoon of this to hot water and cover myself with a towel for a couple of minutes so that the steam treats my face.

1.I have never done any facials,or professional peelings in my life.So when I was introduced this OroGold Peel i negleted it and thought I don't need it.But I was convinced to try it,and so I did.Now I don't even imagine how I lived without it before!It removes every dead cell of my skin,leaving me speachless every time I use it.
2.For a lighter exfoliation I use this scrub,my old time favourite.

1.Because I don't get much sun in London,I tend to be quite pale during the year.Not the best look on me,so that's why I use this mousse every once in a while.
2&3.Amazing smell!!!
4.For a couple of months now,it's my nr.1 go to moisturizer.The smell,the texture,and the feeling it leaves on my skin-just perfect!
5.Fortunatelly,I don't have cellulite,but I love this oil for how polished and perfect it leaves my skin.I always used it like 2 times a day.

These two products give me hair salon results at home.

1.MoroccanOil has been in my beauty cabinet for more than 3 years now.Still love and use it!
2.The John Freida spray gives my blond highlights more definition.
3.BB's Texture makes my hair a little bit more tame when I want to get waves.
4.However,when I want my hair straight without a straightner,I use John Freida's 3-day straight.
5.It's not very long that I've been using a dry shampoo,but I love it !
6.This oil rivals the Moroccan one,so that I can't often decide which one is better.
7.One of the few hair treatments that work perfectly with the hard water in London.

Friday, February 15

All that Beige

Since my last post, the new discussion subject for my little expositions out here would be my visit of the Mariko Mori exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts with my friend. She explores quite an alien, conceptual and minimalistic theme. A lot of spirituality and blah blah. The thing is, I don’t really get it. Maybe I’m not educated enough, a thing which I highly doubt and would very surely declare false, to understand the sophisticated thing going on. I highly admire and feed with inspiration from such artists as Van Gogh and Monet, Dali and Degas, but some shining stones in the dark, I don’t get. Call me ignorant or not trendy, but I just regretted going in the first place.

Now, about the outfit. It’s very beige as you might notice. Quite unusual for me, as I prefer darker or bright colours. The skirt was just love at first sight, quite feminine and edgy at the same time. To balance the girlie-ness, I chose a sweatshirt. The fur is by far my favourite piece of clothing right now as it kind works with anything in my wardrobe, and it keeps me warm.

Sweatshirt and skirt/Zara; Booties/Isabel Marant; Bag/Miu Miu; 

Monday, February 11

Neon lights and all that blue

This will be a very short post of the Friday night out outfit. Very bright and neon. Ignoring the most unfriendly weather London has to offer, I decided to put on some colour, and this is the result. I recon this is one of my favourite trends of all times, just because I love clothes that shout out a message. Until the forecast gets better, I think I will prepare a post about the beauty products I use next. Let me know if you are interested in the comments. Have a great evening!

Sunday, February 3

Will work for Diamonds

A smart woman named Monroe used to say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Quite an arguable statement, however, if you process it with a bit of good old irony, you might come out with something productive. And just because my girlfriends and I are on the crazy side, we decided to produce the photos you will see below. Partially inspired by a Tyler Shields’ work, we went to the extremes of making me stroll on the street in a very provocative appearance with a cardboard that says “Will work for diamonds”, which again, those who lack any sense of humour whatsoever will take this as a faux pas or mauvais ton. Personally, I like the result and we had loads of fun shooting, most of the time wrapped in my VS pink bathrobe and furs so I don’t become an ice sculpture.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.

Friday, February 1

Tweed and Go

Just because talking about my outfit is way too ordinary and boring I decided to share with you my latest thoughts on be more precise life stuff. I’ve been thinking, men and women have totally different perceptions of intimacy. Our standards of as what qualifies a satisfying degree of affection are totally different. Women generate a bigger degree of empathy than men. Probably that's why we always say we lack attention and grand gestures.

Pierre Reverdy said, "There is no love. There are only proofs of love”, a statement with which I totally agree. There can be small, apparently insignificant gestures which can make a surprisingly big shift in how a men and woman interact. Anyhow, if you have some comments on this subject please let me know in the comments below. This exposition might be weird for you en liaison with an outfit post, but I just had to pour it out.

Now, about what I'm wearing. The weather in London is just surprisingly spring-like. So I decided to take full advantage of this and put together a lighter ensemble. Have a nice Friday everyone!

Blazer/ Zara. Skirt/ Zara. T-shirt/Armani Exchange. Shoes and clutch/ Christian Louboutin. Sunglasses/ Dior.