Thursday, November 24

Thursday eye candy

Holla everyone! Today I watched a video reportage on what guys like girls to wear and what they think it’s unacceptable. You can see it here, but unfortunately only if you speak Romanian. Anyways, my point is, that according to these two gentlemen most men like girls with minimum makeup, which dress quite simply. What do I do if I like dressing up? One day I pretend to be Audrey Hepburn, the other day Kate Moss and so on. Playing dress up and changing looks is so fun! Yes I do love and appreciate the understated white t-shirt with jeans, but its too boring at times for a girl like me.Yes a nice remark from a guy friend does lift my spirits up but why would we always care about what men think? I’m not the most ardent feminist, but I do think that women should power dress, they should dress as they like in order to feel confident and beautiful-whether its in a Valentino gown or in a masculine YSL suit. Confidence can be the key term for every little success in a woman’s life, and if a sky-high pair of Loubs makes you feel like you rock the party then don’t hesitate to wear them! If your favourite smoky eyes gives you hell of an attitude then screw the no-make up look! Lucky me, my boyfriend loves anything I wear or buy(even though he might consider that its ridiculous how I go out of the house in heels but carry my flats in the bag in case my feet will hurt lol). But my advice to you girls would be to wear chic, in style outfits that make you feel good and attractive. Don’t misunderstand me though; you need to obey the rules of the fashion bible!! Which means NO to fishnets and extra minie-s or anything vulgar and kitschy. Sexy and foxy yes-stutty and whore-y no por favor!

Oh and the pictures up there are just a random selection of today's eye candy. Adios and besos!!

photos from tumblr and thenighcat

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