Friday, October 28


Today i had some health issues,i think i worked too much lately.Anyways ,the sun outside made me really happy and i decided it's a good time to take some shots for you guys.These loubs are my favourite right now,really..they are so comfy!! But enaugth blabber jabber about clothes! There is one thing about which i am very excited! On the 7th of November,Nationa Gallery will be pressenting a colection  never seen before in London : "Leonardo da Vinci:Painter at the court of Milan". This is the first exhibition aimed to analyse the work of da Vinci as a paintor,not as an inventor or scientist.The two versions of 'The virgin on the rocks'-belonging to the National Gallery and the Louvre will be brought together for the first time.I admire Leonardo for his unique portraits,in which he wants us to see the reallity,but still feel the ideal of beauty he was aspiring to create.A once in a lifetime opportunity not to miss!

Thursday, October 27

Over the shoulder

Bad,bad weather with which i cope by wearing a worm men's sweater from Sisley,loafers and Zara pants.I just have to tell you about this sweater.Skulls and studs are like my weakness so when i saw an amazing skull sweater ,very similar to the one i got , in Philipp Plein i fell in love with it.But..when i saw the price i was sir,i am still sane! That's why when i saw this sweater in the men's section at Sisley i just rushed to the counter and got it.xexe!

Wednesday, October 26

Night Walk

Now here is the decent post i promissed xexe) See,i'm a good blogger ) Well here are some pics mw took in Hyde when it was already dark.We wanted to feed the ducks but they were gone so we just left the bread there )) And yes,both Alina and I have glitter UGGs.Ok duded i'm off t writing two more cover letter.Sayonara to y'all!

Tuesday, October 25


so so busy and tired.promiss a decent post in the next couple of days. toodles!

Sunday, October 23

No name post

Ok, so honestly I can’t come up with any decent title for the post, so that’s why it has no name for today. Hope you don’t mind! I’ve had an amazing night yesterday at Sketch restaurant and bar, as they had an amazing DJ with a perfect set of songs so my girlfriends and I just danced it off! During the day I had a long walk with my boyfriend as he picked up his brother’s personalized sneakers from Nike. Boy they are cool!

Burberry Jacket
Benetton Sweater
Zara jeans
Max Mara Bag
Louboutin shoes
Meli Melo Necklace
Marc Jacobs Sunglasses 

Saturday, October 22

Summer memories

I know you have seen this outfit already,but i found these photos from summer.First pics take by my dad for my blog xexe ! He was so cute and did a pretty good job.Not that bad,don't you think?I miss my deep caramel bronze and well,just miss home and my family i guess.But enaugh of melancholia)  I have so much writing to do these days,but i really love doing it so i don't mind) Hope i'll finish it all today so i can go out tomorrow.Have a good weekend!

H&M sweater
Zara skirt
Chanel bag
YSL tribooto pumps

Thursday, October 20

Warning! Not a fashion post!

So this isn't going to be a fashion post as u might have already understood from the title.Today i decided to share with you my passion for one particular painter-an impressionist- Claude Monet. Born in 1840, he is basically the founder of French impressionist painting , being in my opinion one of the most relevant and deep representative of this art movement. I was lucky enaugth to see many of his works,most of them in Paris at Musee D'Orsay and Musée de l'orangerie; also at National Gallery. I admire his works because of the mesmerizing beauty they convey,also the deepness transmited by the selection of colours is bewildering.Everything feels so alive,it's like i can feel the wind or the sun shinning when looking at his paintings.Here are images of some of them.

Here is a song i really like to go along with the french mood :

Tuesday, October 18

Hair Care

Hello beauties! Uni is such a struggle and the past few days i come home so very tired.But still i have to find time to write to you guys) So i have been requested to put up a list with pictures of hair products i'm using. It's not that much of styling products,more nourishing and regenarating kind of.And my hair routine has completly changed during the first month of summer,when my hair stylist told me that if i don't stop using the straightener my hair would loose vitality badly! ( It was already very burnt and kind of straw-like xixi) But i thought he was kidding me! My hair would go Barbra Streisand in the baad baaad way without the straightener!! Especially in the humid London weather! So,following the good advice,from then on i started discovering little by little, amazing products that transformed my  wiry hair into a comercial-like,shiny and healthy hair! (I also style it easily just with a round brush with natural hair and a Remington dryer.)The products are a collection from all over the world to be honest..i guess u can find them anywhere or online ,at least.If you  are from a certain country or region and want specific details or maybe substitutes to the products i'm using ( i know which are those as well+ shops where you can buy),just comment and ill answer to you.

This is a Bi-phase thermo-lissant which smells gorgeous,and makes your hair shiny and smooth without making it stiky or greasy.It also keeps the hair straight untill the next time you use it on wet hair.Works very well on very damaged,coloured hair! (tested by mommy)

Honestly i can't decide which of this products i love more,but the most recently found is the Maroccan Oil line,which let me tell you is even better than i expected!!!! Fabosh!!
P.S. I shall not indicate each product's name as i guess you can read it out from the pictures :D And also because i'm too lazy to do it :D Don't blame me guys,i had a long day and this is i think the longest post so faaar!!

Sunday, October 16

Hyde park

Not really feeling like writing much to comment today's post.Still,here are some shots of what i wore on Saturday on my walk in Hyde Park.I know,i know..heels to a park..but i felt like it and these Ballys are amazingly comfy.So yeah..) Oh..another week is yet to come..monday again..uuuh i really want to go home really..but i'll get over it :D Have a nice Sunday night loves!