Tuesday, April 12

I'm not a skinny bitch,so what?)))

Well today i took some pictures of what i wore.As you might have notices,i just love black and i consider this colour as the maximum of fashion and style.I wore a plain black dress and blazer,however with amazing shoes and my adorable tights.Do you like?
Also,i would like to talk to you about an issue i have been noticing for a while.Almost all bloggers or popular people on lookbook are very extremly skinny.I wonder why? I much prefer Kim Kardashian's curves to Kate Moss's bony structure.I don't encourage you to gain weight or be very curvy,just make sure you feel righ in your body and that you're healthy and don't look like a person who just escaped from some prison where you have been starved.I do myself take care of what i eat mainly because of health reasons.An advice i could give you girls is buy yourselves a steamer and cook everything in it.If you are interested i could give you more precise recipies.But this miracle worker made me loose 11 kg in like 3 weeks in a very reasonable way.However,i did not touch chocolate or any sweets or pasta even once!
Tell me what you think regarding this matter. xoxo

Yes,and one more thing,i would like to know if you would prefer me to write in any other languages like Russin,Romanian,Spanish or French.Let me know!


  1. you look fabulous! i believe shoes can change an outfit into a different one, and your shoes are gorgeous!

    11 kilos in 3 weeks? woow very impressive.
    how much do u weight now? you didnt seem that u needed to lose weight.

    i do have a steamer at my house, but i dont really use it except for when i am making brocolli, or generally vegetables for `vinegret`. what else do u cook in there?

  2. thank you very much) indeed most of the times i start making up an outfit from shoes first) they are my passion>unfortunatly i couldnt bring them all with me from london,anyways im going back tomorrow)
    well i cook everything there..for example meat..i first season it with wine and spicies and put it in the steamer for 15 minutes and serve with a mango,cherry tomatoes salad)
    or as a dessert i put apples,i cover them with a teaspoon of honey and voila!helthy and sweet)
    I can make a post further on what you can cook in the steamer or in general...what to eat for a healthy diet.

  3. very interesting. my mum makes salads with fruits and vegetables. i am gonna try that one in 2 weeks time (after easter). i bet it will taste delicious.
    you seem a very nice girl. knowing how to dress, how to cook right... well done :) thx for answering

  4. It's not your bussiness how people look!If they want to be look like they have been starved it's not your problem!It looks to me like a case of frustration,just because you mentioned "popular bloggers".Could this be a case of bloggers rivalry?Ohhh yes!

  5. @dmjtita
    i hope u like it) unfortunatly im not gonna be home on easter which upsets me..but yeah..)
    thank you very much!any questions(well almost any) i would be pleased to answer) take care!

  6. @anonymous
    well if you are such a witty you would know that anorexia and bulimia have increased dramatically and even the most notable people of fashion fight against it..like Franca Sozzani from Italian Vogue or John Galliano( i dont think they have a rivalry with bloggers lol))
    anyways..my suggestions and opinions are completly subjective,as it is my personal blog,and i just want to share my experience and thoughts with others.if don't agree with me,well tougth luck;)

  7. OMG You have such nice skin! What foundation do you use?

  8. thanks you) well even the best foundation wouldnt cover a bad skin..so i make sure my skin is healthy without makeup.

    i use a foundation from ysl dont remember the name)

  9. You are one hot bitch. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

  10. si cautai pe la alba iulia? :D

  11. in some picture you look like Miranda Kerr

  12. Very positive message that I couldn't agree with more - you look amaze

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.