Saturday, April 28

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Hello everyone! I am writing to you from a non-stop rainy London,which honestly is way too much and affects a lot my mood.Usually I am not weather sensitive,but I can't stand this clouded,wet situation.It has never been like this,and i'm going on my 4th year now.Anyways,I have been home for a two weeks for Easter holidays,and now I'm in my exam period so this might be suggest you that I'll not be posting too often.However,I became addicted to instagram,so it's a good thing as you can follow me there and see what I'm up to.For those who don't use insta here is a range of my latest shots.

My new hair colour;amazing zara sandals,Easter outfit,today while coming home,outfit I wore when home,isabel marant t-shirt(the quality disappointed me),zara feathers skirt,metal chocker,and today's purchase-mr wang pants.