Sunday, August 28

Outfit of the day

Tanning all day,listening to music and reading have been my main occupations these past few days,which i really enjoy) Tonight the temperature is lower and i already can wear something more than a bathing suit and tiny dresses at night.What d you think about this outfit?) How do you spend your last summer days?

Saturday, August 27

Indian Summer

Ciao! I am on my holiday in Italy right now enjoying every minute: the sun, warm sand and sea.It is extremly hot here and still i try to make a stylish appearance.Here is what i wore to the beach-a kaftan and bathing suit from Calzedonia,hat from Accesorize.I am sorry for being such a bad blogger and not keeping up with my posts more often)

Tuesday, August 23


Good evening loves! I have been buisy again and it's been too hot to wear anything worth posting.Now i'm packing as im leaving for Italy,a tradition for a few years now.Here are some shots of what i am taking with me.Of course,i even travel in style and can't do without the LV big travel bag. Ill try to keep posting as soon as possible between eating the most amazing pata and pizza and gelatto)

Friday, August 19

Fall inspired from

We all know net-a-porter is one of the coolest online fashion stores with the most amazing,diverse offers.I often go on the website to get inspiration for my outfits.Here are a few options i loved.


Tuesday, August 16

Meet Rina)

When i went to Kiev we stayed at a friend's house and she had this amazing doggy-Rina.Isn't she the most adorable creature ever?( I know i said that about my little cihuahua but i have a thing for little dogs ))Here are a few pictures my loely friend Alina took of me.

Monday, August 15

Weekend out of town

Hello tootsies) Yesterday i spent an amazing day with my parents outside the city in a cute restaurant called "La Badish".They have a really traditional design and amazing food! I planed to keep the Ducan diet but that was obviouslly impossible)) Shame on me! I chose a very casual ,simple outfit to wear.The shirt is from Ralph Lauren(he's a genius when it comes to shirts!),the shorts i cut out from a pair of Zara jeans i got tired of wearing,the flats are Chanel as well as the vintage earings.The bag is DVF and the bracelet is Prada(one of my favs) What d you think?How do you spend your las summer days?Share share share!!)

Friday, August 12

Norwegian Wood

You might have noticed i have quite a lot of striped things) This tight relashionship with stripy clothes started from my very childhood,enharited from my  very stilish granny.A simple casual outfit for a chilly rainy day.
By the way i have to share with you the impressions from the movie  Norwegian Wood,which i watched a while ago and it's based on Haruki Murakami's book.No need to say i couldn't expect it to be better,a very precise screening of the book( which is brilliant as all other Murakami stuff).And the soundtrack had been on my mind for a while The Beatles-Norwegian Wood

Monday, August 8

Stripe it up!

First of all i have to apologize for not posting such a long time.I have my personal reasons which i mentioned on tumblr and can say again that i had a little surgery.But happily everything is ok) Now,revenons a nos moutons and here is today's outfit.It's stripy and very summery.
In my opinion it's perfect for a day walk around the town.The golden necklace i fell in love with is amazing and goes well with almost everything in my wordrobe.Also i introduce you the DVF cutch which i got in Paris but i haven't worn since.Do you like?