Tuesday, June 28

Shake that!

Hello loves!! I've been absent for a while because of technical reasons..my computer collapsed((( Now its recovered and i can finally post! It was my birthday yesterday so yeah happy Bday to me )
I didn't take any outfit posts,BUT..i think that letting you know what im listening to day by day or what i love at the moment would give you all a thought of who i am.
So here is the video and song im listening at the moment.Oldie but gooddie)

Here are some random pictures i like

What i'm eating : cheesecake yuumm!!
What i'm drinking : grapefruit juice every day


Tuesday, June 21

Random photos

Hello) Ive been in a  pretty wierd mood lately and amm..yeah.But anyways,i have a surprise for you soon) I think you'll like it.Untill then here are some random pics i like)

Thursday, June 16

Put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up!

Hello rockstars!!) I hope you are having a very nice summer,full of relaxing and soaking in the sun and drinking cocktails,which i will not be doing a lot time as i have work((( As u might or might not know i'm writing for a local magazine wich is very inflential here in Moldova,VIP Magazin) Also i had to please my parents and start doing sort of an internship in a bank.(which by the way is the most borring thing eveeer!!!)
 Well anyways,here is a continuation to the preview!

Tuesday, June 14

Yellow Mellow

Here is a preview of what i wore yesterday.Let me introduce you my new old shoes) I say so because they have never been worn before but they have stayed in my mom's closet for like 5 years or so)) So yeah..aren't they fabulous??

Iata un preview a ceea ce am purtat ieri.Va prezint noii  vechii mei pantofi)Spun asa deoarece nu-i purtasem niciodata pina acum,dar stau de vrio cinci ani buni la mamea mea in dulap neatinsi)) Deci..oare nu sunt fabulosi?

Monday, June 13

Leopard print+ lace+tribootos

It's a very rainy  weather out here in Moldova,which i actually enjoy as it's not that hot outside.Yesterday i was in the countryside the whole day and i enjoyed the beauty of nature.The day before i went out and here is what i wore. Tell me what you think please) Also i would like to ask you if you would like me to translate my posts in other languages as i also speak Russian,Romanian, French and Spanish.Please let me know. xoxo

Thursday, June 9

Ram pa pa pam)

Hello darlings! here is a post of what i wore yesterday.A very Brigitte Bardot outfit in my opinion.What do you think? How is your summer!

Tuesday, June 7

Hermes Hippie

I am addicted to Hermes scarves and i try to find different ways of wearing them.For now there are only two in my wordrobe but i plan this number to grow:D Here are some pics shot in the house of what i wore yesterday.Very casual and hippie.Especially i love the scarf bow) What do you think?

Monday, June 6

Poppy field

I am very happy it is summer and everything is so alive.Recently i have found a poppy field outside Chisinau which is just so surreal and amazing.Also,i would like to introduce you to the fabosh vintage Gucci clutch i got from my aunt and the new Loubis in the family.Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 1

Summer kind of Wonderful!

Hello my beautiful friends! It is the first day of summer,a season i love not only because my birthday is in June but also because there's something about summer....For me it's the sun,strwberries and cream,dancing all night,romantic walks on the beach,amazing cocktails,floral prints,neon colours,buzzing bees(not always nice but just for the romantic feel of it),palm trees,lonley islands,bare legs,pool parties,skinny dipping and many more other amazing things! What is summer for you?  Enjoy, xoxo!

Photo credit to thecherryblossomgirl,tumbler and google.