Sunday, January 27

On the Bright Side

"Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention." Probably one of my favorite quotes of all time and it comes from Tarantino’s latest masterpieces. Went to see ‘Django Unchained’ last night and I must say my expectations were exceeded. Very witty and daring humor, great acting and plot. All in one you must go see it!

Now when it comes to my outfit, I went on the bright side as the Sun made us the honor to show up in London. The wind,however,was terrible, so I constantly had to tame my hair with my hand.Duhh...
Anyways,let me know if you think it’s a good combo in the comments. Have a good evening and amazing week!

Sweater/ Marcus Lupfer. Leather pants/ H&M. Shoes/ Isabel Marant. Sunglasses/ Ray Ban

Friday, January 25

Back to business

Long time no see…many things have changed during all the time I didn’t post. Way to many…so instead of pouring my emotional ordeals, I will consider this a new beginning of this blog. Yesterday, when my friend started to take pictures of me I realised I forgot how it feels, what would be the right pose or face expression. That might be the reason I do look kind of clumsy.

Anyhow, I finally went to Somerset house to see the Valentino retrospective Exhibition. This one of the most inspiring and thrilling fashion experience I have ever had. Valentino was always one of my top designer loves. His creations are the epitome of Italian perfection and beauty in its purest form. Layers of light chiffon, draping, lace, beads and crystals are brought to life by the touch of Mr. Garavani. The dresses were displayed in a very original way, as a runway show. Only this time, the visitors were the models walking on the platform and the mannequins were the observers in their breathtaking couture gowns. I definitely advise anyone who is in London to visit this exhibition, as it will be on until March. Now I wish you all my dear readers a great day, and I will get on with mine.