Thursday, October 6

Black and White

Hello my beautiful friends!I just came from lunch which i had in this exquisite place called L'atelier de Joel Robouchon-a 2 Michelin star restaurant.It has delicious french cuisine.I had La Caille which is free range fillet de quail,macaroni with wild mushrooms and parmesan,really mouth watering.And the wine oh lala! But enaugth about food,here is what i wore a few days ago but didn't have time to post.A tight minimalistic look which i feel inspired to wear from time to time.


  1. can you please mention the items you're wearing? even the simple things like [equipment] button-up blouses, etc.?

    Love all your looks!

    ~Monika, Chicago, USA

  2. yes sure) In this look i'm wearing an equipment button-up,gucci cigarette leg pants,miu miu shoes(from last summer) and a chanel bag.

    Thanks a lot) xx

  3. is it ur college?

  4. nope)) its the building i live in :D