Monday, October 3


Had a very long day today,however a very pleasant one.Now i have to go read the many news around the world as i have to keep track of them all..pff..hard life of a journalist student)


  1. Hi, I've already complemented you on this Look in class I think :-). I noticed that I have a similar Look in the Zara Lookbook ({"lookDetail":6}) this year. Did u get the inspiration from there or was it just random?

    xxx Aurelia
    Below is a Link to my Blog

  2. Hey) No actually i didn't see the zara lookbook at all)) now that you've commented i had a look :D

    by they way great job with you blog!very witty)

  3. Ah sorry about all the typos in the comment:
    *complimented you on this Look
    *that THEY have a similar Look.

    Thanks for the compliment on my Blog. I actually just had an idea:
    what do you think if we'll meet up (after uni or smth). I take some pictures of you (that you can also use for your blog) and I'll do a little "style- interview" that I can post on my Blog (with a link to yours)

    so for example questions like:

    where do you fo shopping?
    what and who inspire u....etc?
    Possibly we could also do a video...?
    think about it and of you like the idea, just tell when u have time....

  4. Yes i would gladly do that :D it is an amazing idea )