Saturday, October 8

Emmanuelle Alt inspired

How on earth is it possible that the weather is so fking cold just all of a sudden here? It just turns my whole system uspide down! One day i suffocate because of the heat and the other i have to wear my fur at night so that my organs don't freeze!Xex..i did seem like a freaked out hysterical bitch didn't i? Pardon me dudes) A few days ago i kind of woke up in the morning and decided to pull out a very Emmanuelle Alt inspired 'ensemble'.Do you think i did a  good job?

Ps.Sorry for the balcony shots,my lovely BF didn't feel like going out and taking pictures)How nice of him,don't u think?(that i say with an evil irony!)

I'm wearing:
Zara blazer
Zara snakeskin print pants
Calvin Klein t-shirt(my BF's)
Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain boots
IWC watch

1 comment:

  1. ador incaltaminteaaaaa <3333 si the snakeskin print pantssss<333333