Thursday, March 31

Golden Babe)

I'm so pleased that finally we get hot weather in Moldova after a few awful days of rain and cold.Well,today i got some time to have a walk and take pictures of my outfit,my mom being as usual the photographer)Basically since i have come home i have had the most depressing schedule ever! Every morning i wake up at 8,go to my Accounting meditations then straight away to Probability meditation and then at home i read as much as i can from my Business Environment book.Sad? I know!Recently i have had a comment about the fact that i try to pose like models,the truth is i don't,because i am not skinny and i know i don't look good in the same angles as they do.So the poses you see are just naturals that come into my or my mom's mind while taking pictures)
Tell me what you like about the looks please i really care about your advice.


  1. wow amazing outfit, perfect shoes
    p.s. you look great :X

  2. thank you very much!! xoxoxo

  3. is this the color u dyed ur hair? looks pretty cool, it'a a little bit brighter than ur natural hair color.

  4. yes it is) as i said not a dramatic change but it makes my hair looks shiny and healthy)

  5. yeah i agree with u, it looks really nice )))

  6. shiny outfit, very chic!

    those charlotte olympia shoes are fab. are they the dolly ones?

    -Probability meditation, is sooo damn hard and complicated! well done to you!
    btw, did u do a levels maths?

  7. thank you very much)i think they are the suede dollys)
    no i did foundation that's why its quite challenging for me to cope with statistics and quantative methods,but im doing my best to perform well)