Friday, March 18

Fashion Bible

 I have always admired the work of Franca Sozzani for Italian Vogue,and even if i buy a issue now and then when i find them in London,i have never deeply studied her work on the magazine and never realized what deep issues she developes and isn't afraid to reach in her editorials. I will upload shots from my favourite ones below. Are you also fascinated? You like or dislike?




 The spread above is entiteled "Make love not war" which has a very political subtext and a strong message.It is shot by Steven Meisel.Brilliant!!

This one is a glamourization of the tragedy which happened in the Gulf of Mexico-the oil spill.Very mouving and touching photos.Personally they even made me cry.

Modes go to rehab was shot in 2007,when it seemed a fashion between celebs to go to rehab,as it fi it was a visit to the spa.

"Makeover madness" shocks by the crazy tendence of people to constantly torture their bodies,the starvation for makeovers is sickening even.
In m opinion,Vogue Italia is the most daring of the Vogues,who really have a message besides promoting beauty and perfection.And all this thanks to Franca Sozzani!Bravissimo!!

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