Saturday, March 10



Since the very first moment I saw the ombré lip look at Prabal Gurung I knew I had to try it. You might have noticed I don’t use much make up, sometimes none at all. But since I went for a darker hair colour, I started to play with lipstick in different shades. You might not notice the ombré very much because of the procession of photos in toycamera, but it looks really amazing, very sensual yet not too provocative. And about toycamera...every time I take outfit pictures I try not to give them special effects, but this polaroid feel they get is just so chic and movie-like don’t you think? Or would you prefer me to publish the unchanged shots?

Iceberg bomber jacket
Givenchy sweater
Zara skirt
Louboutin boots


  1. I love your skirt, it looks so elegant <3

  2. that sweater is amazing!!!!
    really glad you started posting the names of the brands you wear though :).

  3. thank you very much lidiya)

    im glad you like it) i found it really difficultly after i didn't buy it in paris)) yes i will post the names of everything im wearing from now on)

  4. yes, you really are very gorgeous! I love your blog and Im glad you've started posting more often!))) xx

  5. Im loving the new layout
    And the outfit is amazing I like the jacket very much