Thursday, November 3

Les vitrines

There are books that teach you something; that stop you from committing anything stupid or ridiculous. The others tell you a story. I have a third type of book-a Haruki Murakami book. I have moments in life when I just need to re-read some of his just for the sake of the feeling it gives me. I can’t even explain it. It’s like I’m in vacuum for some time after reading any brilliant piece he has written. I discovered him when I was still in school, advised by my literature teacher (I must say she is one of the most powerful and accomplished women I know and admire very much). His characters  are like from another planet for me. They do completely random things at random times with such nonchalance! They don’t seem to care much about time or money. However, they have a strong cultural education- listening to Bach, Schubert and Vivaldi and reading the most profound literature. Well, now it’s one of those periods when I badly  feel the need to transcend in his world, which is why I ordered his last book, which I am very eager to read. No outfit post for today, just a few pictures of les vitrines I took Wednesday night when walking back from the cinema(I saw ‘In time’) .

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  1. finally literatur! please suggest more books to read :)