Friday, October 28


Today i had some health issues,i think i worked too much lately.Anyways ,the sun outside made me really happy and i decided it's a good time to take some shots for you guys.These loubs are my favourite right now,really..they are so comfy!! But enaugth blabber jabber about clothes! There is one thing about which i am very excited! On the 7th of November,Nationa Gallery will be pressenting a colection  never seen before in London : "Leonardo da Vinci:Painter at the court of Milan". This is the first exhibition aimed to analyse the work of da Vinci as a paintor,not as an inventor or scientist.The two versions of 'The virgin on the rocks'-belonging to the National Gallery and the Louvre will be brought together for the first time.I admire Leonardo for his unique portraits,in which he wants us to see the reallity,but still feel the ideal of beauty he was aspiring to create.A once in a lifetime opportunity not to miss!

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  1. Great outfit, the skirt and shoes are so perfect