Tuesday, September 20

From Paris with Love

Arrived to London a few hours ago,had a warm shower and here i am in front of the computer ready to share with you some of the pics take in Paris. Since i was little i have been fascinated with Ancient Egypt.Finally had the chance to see the collection in Louvre,as last time i was in Paris the museum was closed. Victoire De Samothrace is also a piece i was eager to see! We fed the ducks in Jardin de Tuileries which were so very hungry and admired Monet's masterpieces in the Musee de L'orangerie.Musee d'Orsay impressed me quite a lot as it used to be a train station. Edgar Degas's sculpture of "The little fourteen year -old dancer" impressed me by its tention and at the same time grace. But one of the most exciting things that happened during the trip was to see Albert Elbaz on Rue Foubourg looking at Lanvin shop's window.Didn't have the camera with me to take a picture,so sad about it!

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