Sunday, September 25

War Photography

Today i have been doing some research on the war photographer Sean Smith,whose exhibition we will be visiting tomorrow as a uni assignment.This made me think a lot,as people like him capture unbeliveable moments,a lot of hatred or pain in people's eyes,a lot of suffering.I am really excited to ask him what does he feel in the moment he shoots such breathtaking pictures,or did he ever miss the chance to save someone's life just for the sake of a good photo? What would you ask him if you had such a possibility? You can google him and check out his work.I was really impressed! Took a short walk for brunch with my boyfriend,and here are some snaps.


  1. I love how now many people can pull of some UGGS, but you still manage to wear them in style!

  2. thanks babes) by the way good luck with your blog,nice start )