Sunday, July 17

ProFashion-look 1

A few weeks ago i did a shoot for which i chose three looks to be featured on the AllFun website in the Pro fashion section.Here is the first one.

This look is my favourite and i wore the mazing maxi skirt with the a striped Zara blouse.I decided that my Gucci sandals would match the green of the stripes and the golden Robert Rodriguez necklace.What do you think?

If you know Russian you can also read the article here. Enjoy!


  1. sup-er post, alegerea hainelor si accesoriilor e perfecta, iar tu mai frumoasa ca niciodata , mult succes in continuare!

  2. wuax ador outfitu`l asta...e superb.Tu esti superba!
    deacord cu anonymous "alegerea hainelor si accesoriilor e perfecta" !!