Sunday, May 22

In love with Paris !

Bonjour my darlings! I am finally home and ready to share new looks and pictures with you.My trip to Paris was quite short,but despite that, i fell in love with the city and I am planning to live there)
Here are some pictures i took and of what i wore.A very comfortable yet chic outfit choice in my opinion.What do you think? The photos are kind of touristy ( not really aware if such a word exists but still i'm, gonna use it))

I am wearing:
DVF dress
Chanel flats
Chanel bag
D&G sunglasses


  1. Amaziing !!! L O V E everything :X:X:X.
    even though u didn't blog for a while, this post rocks, honestly.U should do more posts like this one <3.
    P.s. with u the best :*

  2. Aww thank you! I promiss from now on ill be posting regularly as i have more time. Hpe you like the next posts as well:*