Sunday, February 24

Beauty Post

1.The Body shop cleanser leaves my skin silky and soft-my favourite!
2.A mask I use from time to time to give my skin some radiance.

This mask is just unbeliveable! I swear on it and can't actually live without it.I hydrates so well! I use it only once a week though,not twice as indicated in the instructions because I feel that's best for me.It is quite pricy,but totally worth every penny!

This is also on my can't-leave-without list.Before,I used tolove Creme de la Mer,but with time my skin stopped reacting to it,so I switched to this wonder here.Just perfect!

1.This is a tonner I spritz on a clean face then whipe away the excess with a cotton pad.
2.This thing is just crazy good! I apply it for a week at night before my moisturizer on a clean skin.In the morning I wake up with a babyface,so soft and perfect!Then I make a two week break.
3.I add a tablespoon of this to hot water and cover myself with a towel for a couple of minutes so that the steam treats my face.

1.I have never done any facials,or professional peelings in my life.So when I was introduced this OroGold Peel i negleted it and thought I don't need it.But I was convinced to try it,and so I did.Now I don't even imagine how I lived without it before!It removes every dead cell of my skin,leaving me speachless every time I use it.
2.For a lighter exfoliation I use this scrub,my old time favourite.

1.Because I don't get much sun in London,I tend to be quite pale during the year.Not the best look on me,so that's why I use this mousse every once in a while.
2&3.Amazing smell!!!
4.For a couple of months now,it's my nr.1 go to moisturizer.The smell,the texture,and the feeling it leaves on my skin-just perfect!
5.Fortunatelly,I don't have cellulite,but I love this oil for how polished and perfect it leaves my skin.I always used it like 2 times a day.

These two products give me hair salon results at home.

1.MoroccanOil has been in my beauty cabinet for more than 3 years now.Still love and use it!
2.The John Freida spray gives my blond highlights more definition.
3.BB's Texture makes my hair a little bit more tame when I want to get waves.
4.However,when I want my hair straight without a straightner,I use John Freida's 3-day straight.
5.It's not very long that I've been using a dry shampoo,but I love it !
6.This oil rivals the Moroccan one,so that I can't often decide which one is better.
7.One of the few hair treatments that work perfectly with the hard water in London.

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