Tuesday, May 22

Lost in the World

Hello my very beautiful friends and readers!! I have been absent again for a very long long while due to my exams,which I grew very tired of by now.But well,just two more to go and I'll get the well deserved rest.Meanwhile,I found time to do a photoshoot for the project of a friend of mine,Dhruv,the results of which you will see below.
If you follow me on Istagram,you could probably see that I have had a very amazing opportunity to be at the press conference and press private view of the Louboutin restrospective at the Design Museum London.This was a dream come true,because I have always venerated this man.
Anyways,here is the first look which consists of Marni x H&M coat,Cos yellow dress and Louboutin sandals,which I got just recently.My friend Felicia is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana dress,Zanotti sandals and Dior bag.Enjoy!


  1. Hey dear! What happened to your blog?
    Just for you to know; I happen to love your blog. Simple yet different. Not only you’re a pretty girl with and amazing body but also you’re keen on travelling, literature, art …
    Hope you’re writing again! Btw i'm <3 those loubis!!!!!
    Take care, xoxo

  2. Thank you very very much!! It's really an amazing feeling to get such comments! I had a lot of things going on in my life so blogging wasn't really my priority.

    I am very sure I'll continue posting in some time,but meanwhile you can follow me in instagram @victor1atz