Saturday, November 12

New in

The most beautiful and exquisite necklace ever! You will see how it looks better when i'll wear it in an outfit.
I have recieved a few question and here are the answers!

1.At what age did i first become interested in fashion?
Scince i remember myself.I guess it's in the bloodline as all the women in my family have an amazing sense of style. I remeber my first pictures as a little kid in my granny's high heels-and my passion for shoes dwells ever since.

2.About my closet,as you might know I'm living between two countries so I would not be able to give you an impression of my entire closet,but i'll try to show it in parts.

3.How many Loubs do I have?
Just 5,the collection will be growing i can't never get enaugth of the legendary red sole!!

4.Who's paying for my shoes?
My credit card :)

Feel free to pop up even more questions and comments !! 

Kisses xx


  1. loving iiit oo omg,is tht like real gold/pearls?

  2. looks nice.

    you used to date mike motsok, right? how did you know guys? and it seems you and doina dont talk anymore how come? is she too "nose high" now that she has "hits"?

  3. thanks..i prefer not to comment on any of those things..i just can say that people change ..but we do talk

  4. Such a gorgeous piece

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.