Saturday, October 1

On the steps

Well hello there!Today I had a day full of positive emotions together with my friend Alina.But first let me tell you that yesterday i saw the musical The Wizard of The Oz which was fantastic! Except the fact that Dorothy always kept freaking out about her dog (which did piss me off to the end))) Besides that it was amazing!The decorations, oh just mesmerizing!! Really who has the opportunity to see it ,don't miss it!

Ok,now about today) We had a walk in central,ate fat-free frozen yoghurt and then went to Harrods-shopping heaven! Yes,I confess i'd looove to live there!(this is adressed to the owner if he by any chance gets to read this and might consider my humble request hehe) And now the photos.Voila!

1 comment:

  1. Your looks were so much nice!
    love the Chanel flats!! :)
    Can you follow each other?