Monday, March 14

Maritime Museum

Hello my darlings! I finally found some time to take pictures of my daily outfits and post them.Also my mom is visiting me here,in London so we went sightseeing to The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich,also to my old college-which she liked very much.
Please leave comments to my posts i really would appreciate your opinion! And if u wonder why i wear my fur so often,it is because it is still cold in London and very windy,so its perfect to throw on anything,even a leather jacket like i did.)
And here are my recent loves my mommy got for me!I really adore them!What do you think?


  1. you look gorgeous! the chanel shoes are amazeballs
    and i love that u applied lipstick, it suits you very much, dear with the pony tail. you are a star ! xxx

    * and i love furs as well.

  2. thank you very much looove!! <3<3 xoxo take care:*

  3. anytime :)
    keep it up xxx