Tuesday, February 15

First One

 Hello my loves! I have finally created this blog which i have planning to do for a while. This is an outfit

i chose for a day at uni.Pretty casual but yet fashionable.I decided to have more fun photos on my

blog,not only model-like ones. I would really appreciate your support. What's your opinion?


  1. like the outfit , the bag is awesome! but don't like the nails... u should've paint them in dark blue or lila ;)

  2. nice outfit :x,but i think it would be better if you took a pair of leggings:*

  3. thank you very much) i didnt have time to dye them)

    oh i recon leggins would be to usual)but thanks for the advice

  4. you are beautiful,like the outfit,best bag!and you are sweet!