Saturday, February 26

Borsh and Tears

Hey my loves) This friday i went with my friends to this really nice Russian Place on Knightsbridge,with a very wierd name-Borsh and Tears. It is ,in my opinion the best with great food and a lot of redness))I also couldn't resist the temptation to check out all the new spring collections in Harrods,which are amazing!! I will make a post on this later on. For now,enjoy the photos and have a great weekend! And please comment on whether u like my outfit,posts etc. I really need your feedback!


  1. asdfghjkl ohmygoddd, i want those shoes so baddd :O
    ANNND that clutchhhh, ohmygodd.
    The red looks so nice with the leoparddd.
    BASICALLY, this outfit is perfect.
    Loving the bloggg
    following youuuu (:

    Check out/follow please?

  2. thank u love ) following u too ;)